Our VPN Features

Get connected with an abundant amount of features

  • Wifi Security

    Your location, identity, and IP are secured and anonymous while surfing with IntroVPN. Browse the internet with confidence.

  • No Logs

    We don't keep logs of any online activity while using our VPN. Making your internet browsing fully anonymous.

  • Multi-Platform Compatible

    From smartphones to desktops we cover it all. Use our VPN on any OpenVPN compatible devices.

  • 256-bit Encryption

    Use the highest encryption level in the industry to secure your private data from hackers, snoopers and governments.

  • DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection

    All your data runs through our secure tunnel with multiple layers of protection added to prevent all types of leaks.

  • Unblock Content

    Surf the internet without restriction. Access Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo, and more no matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to use it all.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We're here to help you with all your problems or concerns via live chat and support ticket system.

  • Secure Protocol

    Our servers offer a secure protocol called OpenVPN. It is used widely for creating secure point-to-point connections.

  • Kill Switch

    If the VPN disconnects for any reason your connection will be halted until the VPN reconnects.

  • P2P Friendly

    Servers are available that have been optimised to support P2P. (We allow users to torrent on certain servers)

  • Multiple Locations

    Servers have been hand picked all over the world to bring you secure connections without diminishing your internet speeds.

  • Port Forwarding

    Open any ports on any of our location with our easy to use port forwarding panel.